Why mobile games are the best: Innovation

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Why mobile games are the best: Innovation Though I started contributing to PG yonks ago, I’ve only quite recently started up again after a period of doing other freelance writery bits and bobs. A spell during which I didn’t exactly fall out of love with gaming, but certainly had a bit of a barney with it, speaking to it only occasionally when I wanted it to pass the salt or go to the bank for me.

I don’t know if age, lack of time, or over-familiarity was to blame, but I found that console gaming had lost its sparkle. I’ve rarely been the sort to complete games anyway, but I realised I was barely touching most of the new ones I bought. If they didn’t grab me straight away, I was off to the next thing. And let’s be clear here: most games didn’t grab me straight away.

Free from having to write about them for money every day, my mobile gaming time also lessened, to the point where it just became another benchmarking tool for the mobile phones I was reviewing for tech websites.

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