Review: Rival Fire review – First Impressions

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Rival Fire review - First Impressions You might not have heard of it, but Tencent’s third-person shooter WeFire is a huge deal in China.

And now, Glu Mobile – a seasoned developer in all things shooty with the likes of Frontline Commando, Deer Hunter, and, er, Kim Kardashian Hollywood – has given it a few tweaks for the west.

Is it the next big thing, or is its appeal lost in translation? We’ll be putting Rival Fire through its paces over the next seven days to find out.

First impressions

If you’ve played a shooting game on mobile before, you’ll be largely familiar with how Rival Fire works.

Playing to the limitations of the platform, you use one thumb to aim and another to fire. You pop out of cover automatically when shooting, and can run between cover by tapping arrows at the left and right of the screen.

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