Pocket Gamer Community Spotlight – March 6th

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Pocket Gamer Community Spotlight - March 6th We know you lot aren’t shy in coming forward with your opinions. Believe it or not, we read every comment, Tweet, and Facebook message. Sometimes we’ll even respond to them.

The Pocket Gamer community spirit is fantastic, and to celebrate that we’ve started running a new weekly feature based on you, and everything you’ve got to say. 

Here are some of our picks of the week. 

As this is such an important week for Pokémon, we thoughtwhat better way to kick things off than with our own unique celebration of its 20th birthday; a video from AppSpy Editor, Alysia Judge.

Alysia’s unique take on the Nintendo classic included everything from Ash having daddy issues to Nicki Minaj actually being the 124th Pokemon. Really! It needs to be seen to be believed.

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