App Army Assemble: MAXIMUM CAR

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App Army Assemble: MAXIMUM CAR So Burnout‘s never coming to mobile. Normally, we’d lament this fact but this isn’t a normal week. This week, MAXIMUM CAR launched on iOS.

For all extents and purposes, MAXIMUM CAR IS Burnout, but designed from the ground up for mobile. The visuals are all trendy voxel, the controls tappy and swipey, and the modes designed for shorter playing sessions.

Other than that, this is Burnout as you know and love it. You race at ridiculous speeds on busy roads against AI opponents and try and ram them off the road. There’s nitro boosts, car customisation, and a multitude of different tracks to race on.

At review, we gave it a Silver Award and described it as “a game that places enjoyment front and centre. And the whole time you’re playing it you’ll be super glad that it does.”

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