App Army Assemble: Agatha Christie's The ABC Murders

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App Army Assemble: Agatha Christie's The ABC Murders We’ve seen an absolute abundance of Sherlock Holmes games over the years, but what about his moustachioed Belgian comrade, Hercule Poirot? He’s been criminally (get it? – ed) overlooked.

Well, not anymore, as Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders, which first launched on PC and Mac, has now arrived on iOS and Android. It’s an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel of the same name, and lets you play as Poirot as he undergoes a battle of wits with the mysterious murderer, ABC.

In gameplay terms, that involves examining crime scenes, solving puzzles, and deducing just what happened to ensure ABC, well, can’t ever murder again.

At review, we gave it a respectable Silver Award and described it as a “smart and effective point-and-click adventure that’s a lovely way to waste an afternoon”.

We also gave our lovely community in the App Army the chance to have their say. Read on for their thoughts.

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