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DC Legends review - Can it take down Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? The current genre du jour for “mature” licenses on mobile seems to be the battler – an RPG-lite that focuses more on its meta-game than actual gameplay.

It’s a foundation that can go either way for a game. Too little to do makes the whole thing slightly dull, but introduce too many elements to the game and it just becomes annoying.

Thankfully, DC Legends has somehow managed to hit the middle ground perfectly, offering enough depth to stop boredom setting in, but enough simplicity that it never gets over-complicated.

Catch ’em all

DC Legends sees you collecting heroes from across the entire DC Comics universe and taking them through level after level of battles against numerous foes.

You have a basic attack and a special ability, and you can unlock more as you progress and level up your character’s rank.

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