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The best Lego games on iPhone and iPad The golden rule of video game adaptations of almost everything is that they’re rubbish. The narrative tricks which work when you’re passively consuming a book or film don’t apply when you’re actively playing a game. Who knew?

Not legions of cash-hungry studio executives, it seems.

Yet as we all know, it’s the exception that proves the rule. In this case the exception is the legion of Lego based games. Which are actually exceptions twice, since they involve turning franchises into little interlocking blocks and then on to computer. So it’s doubly impressive how good they are.

They’re almost all available for mobile, too. Sometimes a little content goes astray, sometimes the controls are a little clumsy. But who cares: it’s Lego. You’re it in for your inner child, not for powergaming kudos.

At the risk of bringing back less happy childhood memories, here’s six of the best.

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