Review: Warbits – Has war even been so much fun?

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Warbits - Has war even been so much fun? Warbits fits snugly into the Advance Wars strategy mould. It’s turn-based, it’s got a gorgeous cartoon look, and underneath its bright facade lurk some impressive ideas.

But this is a game that’s built from the ground up for mobile, and with than in mind it offers shorter, tighter scenarios, with a focus on base-capturing and out-thinking your opponent.

Throw in some multiplayer, and you’re left with a fully fledged premium strategy game that fits comfortably into your pocket. And that’s something fans of the genre have been screaming for for a good long while.

Well this sounds promising

It is, and it’s a game that lives up to its promise as well. It might have the casual bearing of an App Store game, but there’s so much going on here that it’s certainly not an experience that more casual gamers are going to enjoy.

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