Review: Viridi – The garden of eh-den

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Viridi - The garden of eh-den I don’t think Viridi is for me, not really. It sits into the same contemplative framework as Mountain, but rather than giving you a floating rock in space to look at, it gives you a series of plant pots.

You stick some bulbs in the plant pots, water them, watch them grow, and that’s sort of it. There’s loads of esoteric side-alleys to explore, but no real clues as to how you get to them.

It’s a meditative experience, loaded with IAPs if you want to buy new plants, and quite frankly I got bored of it after about 4 minutes.

Heavy plant

You start by picking a pot and some plants to stick in it. Once you’ve chosen you’re taken to a strange sort of non-space where your new tiny garden is floating.

You’ve got a couple of things you can do. Tap on a tiny shrub and you can either pull it out, or give it a spray with your cosmic watering can. You don’t want to water things too much though, or they’ll die.

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