Review: Mini Metro review – A smart and satisfying transportation puzzler

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Mini Metro review - A smart and satisfying transportation puzzler It took me a while to understand Mini Metro. I had played it a few times on PC, connecting stations without really grasping the mechanics. Even my first few attempts on iPad felt confusing. But then…it clicked.

Mini Metro isn’t about subways or passengers. Look past the the metro aesthetic for a moment and you realize the game is a management puzzler. The thrill of Mini Metro is crafting an efficient network for transporting resources and then optimizing under pressure and tight limitations, like a calmer simpler take on the popular SpaceChem.

Peak Service

But don’t ignore that beautifully minimalist aesthetic for too long. The game is a transit map brought to life, zooming out and out as each round progresses until your early collection of stations is a sprawling web of colored rails intersecting and crossing under bays. It’s easy to understand visually and just as easy to manipulate, with simple dragging between stations to connect them, placing additional trains on lines, and holding on stations to disconnect them.

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