Review: Masquerade: The Faceless – First impressions

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Masquerade: The Faceless - First impressions During my first hour spent in Gamevil’s Masquerade: The Faceless, I haven’t had to play the game once. It’s very happy to do everything for me, like all of the other auto-RPGs.

That’s not to say it’s just a carbon copy of what came before it though. For a start, it’s a sidescrolling hack ‘n slash rather than a turn-based RPG, which this mobile genre pretty much builds its foundations on.

The combat animations and overall presentation is super slick as well. Your character dashes about the screen with panache, activating skills, juggling enemies, and generally being the human equivalent of a wrecking ball – at least with Reaper, the skillful, scythe-wielding warrior I chose to play as.

You can also choose to play as Lambast, a fantasy version of the Hulk, and Phaedra, a dual-sword wielding ninja. There’s a disappointingly low amount of character customisation here. You pretty much just pick your character and that’s that – aside from equipping new gear which offers an alternative look.

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