Review: Marvel Avenger's Alliance 2 – Is it Ultron or Dr. Doomed?

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Marvel Avenger's Alliance 2 - Is it Ultron or Dr. Doomed? It’s sometimes hard to get enthused about card battlers, but Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 managed to stir something inside me.

It might be because watching She-Hulk pummel Mysterio into the ground is brilliant. There’s so many nods and winks to the wider Marvel universe that my Spider-sense was constantly tingling.

And there’s a level of tactical nuance here that a lot of other similar turn-based social strategies have. You need to watch the numbers, learn the moves you can make, and build a team of heroes that can take on all-comers.

What’s the deal then?

Well you’re in charge of a team of three heroes picked from a massive roster of Marvel’s mightiest heroes. Well, I say picked, but to begin with you’ll be given a couple of characters to start off with.

My opening roster was Hawkeye and She-Hulk, and I got Moon Knight just after. Yeah, Moon Knight, quake before my heroes. But you also get special guests. I’ve fought alongside Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, and more.

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