Review: Hop Swap review – Another great game from Nitrome

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Hop Swap review - Another great game from Nitrome There’s something about Nitrome’s understanding of what makes mobile platformers tick that cuts deeper than simple design.

There are intuitions in most of the company’s games that go far beyond what most other devs are chucking up on the App Store.

And Hop Swap is no different. It’s a departure from the one-tap-ish leapers that Nitrome fans will be familiar with, but it still manages to take the genre in new and interesting direction, adding swipes and flips that keep you on your toes.

Plus it’s all wrapped up in that gorgeous, thick pixel art style that twangs all of the correct retro nostalgic heart strings.

Rabbit rabbit rabbit

As you might be able to tell from the title, the game casts you as a rabbit. You’re running through a series of interconnected levels, collecting gems, dodging enemies and solving simple puzzles.

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