Review: Frost review – A bleak blend of apocalyptic survival and card game

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Frost review - A bleak blend of apocalyptic survival and card game You’re likely no stranger to the survival game. From Minecraft to Don’t Starve, the genre mainstays of crafting, dealing with hunger, enduring the elements, among others, have spread into myriad games and across genres.

Frost takes those well-worn, well-trodden elements, and presents them through a new lens, and while you view this frozen world through cards and turns, it’s no less of a bleak and tense experience.

Dead of winter

Much of that bleak atmosphere comes from Frost‘s stark sketched artstyle. Through white and tints of blue and splashes of red, the game imparts this sense of overwhelming cold and blood-stained snow. It absolutely sets the tone of the desperate fight for survival that outlines Frost‘s card game core.

All those survival game aspects – scavenging for supplies, crafting weapons and cooking food, dealing with the horrors lurking in the snow-swept lands – are all present in Frost, cleverly morphed into card form. You start with a set deck, based on difficulty or scenario, consisting of survivors, supplies, and fatigue cards that clutter your hand and must be removed by resting.

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