Pocket Gamer Advent Calendar 2016 – Crashlands

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Pocket Gamer Advent Calendar 2016 - Crashlands Did you hear that? Sounds like footsteps on the roof, doesn’t it? Well, I hate to break it to you, but I think you’re about to get robbed. It’s way too early for Santa!

But before you go, how does a free game sound? I mean, you’re going to need everything you can get after all your stuff’s been nicked.

Cheer up though, as Pocket Gamer‘s giving away free codes for the best premium games which launched this year on mobile courtesy of its very own Advent Calendar.

From December first right the way through to Christmas Day itself, we’ll be giving away one of these a day for a select few readers who sign up to the App Army.

If you know the drill by now, read on to learn why you’re a fool for not playing Crashlands this year.

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