Pocket Gamer Advent Calendar 2016 – Chameleon Run

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Pocket Gamer Advent Calendar 2016 - Chameleon Run Holidays are coming, and what better way to celebrate than by giving away free games.

Well, that’s exactly what Pocket Gamer is doing this year with its very own Advent Calendar. Each day, from December first right up until Christmas Day itself, we’re giving away iOS and Android codes of the best premium games mobile had to offer in 2016.

To find out more info, check out the first day’s post. Today, we’re featuring the gorgeous autorunner Chameleon Run.

Why’s it called that?

So it’s a 3D autorunner, in which you’re leaping between a number of different coloured platforms. The problem is, the colour of your character has to match that of the platform, so you have to tap to change colour before you land.

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