PG is 10: Alumni Revisited – Damien McFerran

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PG is 10: Alumni Revisited - Damien McFerran As part of our 10th anniversary celebration we’ve asked ten former key members of the PG team to share their memories and thoughts. Let’s dive in…

Who are you?

Damien McFerran. [Clue: he’s the one that isn’t Miyamoto in the pic.]

When did you work in the Pocket Gamer empire, and what did you do?

I started reviewing mostly horrendous mobile phone games in the years before smartphones were a thing, before moving onto covering DS and retro features. When smartphones DID become a thing, I covered various Android and iOS releases.

What are you up to nowadays?

I’m still freelancing a lot, but my main job is being the editorial director of Nintendo Life, the world’s biggest independent Nintendo-centric news, reviews and features site.

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