My 10 best games of the past 10 years – Simon Byron

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My 10 best games of the past 10 years - Simon Byron Heard about Pocket Gamer celebrating its 10th anniversary this March?

As part of the fun we’ve blackmailed former PG members into giving us a quick rundown of their favourite ten games of the past ten years. (We’ve also asked them to relive their PG moments, Simon included.)

Thing is, sometimes the character of these past colleagues is simply too strong to bend to our demands. Or they simply don’t care about our carefully constructed thematic consistency.

Either way, you get instances such as this, with Simon rebelling by providing 12, not ten games. (It all balances out, though: Mike Rose was two short on his list.)

They’ve not been asked to rank these so don’t take the order below as set in stone. Rather, think of these games as a collection of digital experiences that will enrich your life, taking you to a place you hadn’t considered you’d ever get to.

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