Battlefield on mobile – What would it look like?

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Battlefield on mobile - What would it look like? Battlefield 1 recently impressed on console and PC with its sprawling, ambitious yet accessible massively multiplayer FPS action.

It goes without saying we’d love to see it on mobile in the same way that we want every top videogame series to come to mobile. But when it comes to the practicalities of making the mechanics of a certain game work on your smartphone, Battlefield is an altogether trickier proposition than, say, Zelda.

The list of hurdles that a mobile Battlefield game would have to negotiate is considerable. Battlefield games are first person shooters, which are inherently tricky to pull off on mobile due to their complex controls.

They have massive open levels with destructible scenery that would stretch smartphone hardware like no other FPS. Plus, they’re massively multiplayer, with around 64 plays taking part in many games. Real time multiplayer isn’t exactly a massive mobile concern when mobile network connections still leave so much to be desired.

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