5 reasons why Pokemon GO sucks

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5 reasons why Pokemon GO sucks You love Pokemon GO, right? So did we, in our Pokemon GO review.

But don’t let that fool you. We actually hated it.*

It’s probably the worst game to have ever hit the App Store. And here’s why…

Gyms suck

Not only is leg day the worst day, the gyms in Pokemon GO contain some of the worst battling the franchise has seen. You can only swipe to dodge or tap to attack, with no real strategy from the mainline games to be found.

What’s more, you can only battle asynchronously, not in real time against your friends, so you can’t see the smug look wiped off their sorry faces when you demolish their 13cp Pidgey with your 1000cp Onix mwuhahaha.

The high level game is pretty much broken

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