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Love You To Bits walkthrough - hints and solutions for every puzzle (Level 7 - 12) Love You To Bits is a charming little point and click adventure, about a space-faring boy and his robotic girlfriend.

When his bae is blasted to bits, it’s your job to travel from planet to planet and find all the pieces. To do this you’ll need to solve puzzles.

They can be tricky, and with no hint system to speak of you can become completely stuck. That’s why we’re here! With a handy step-by-step guide to every head-scratcher (and bonus item) in the game.

7 – A Dungeon in Panels

1 – Go through the door in the first panel, go down the ladder, and go to the right to get to the key that’s encased in a block of ice. Pick it up and…

2 – Place it on this pedestal.

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