[box][googlefont font="Sanchez" size="22px"]Who Are We? Fieldhouse Studio is a young agency, fuelled by relentless drive and enthusiasm. .[/googlefont][/box][gap height="20"]
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We are a company which takes a multi-faceted approach to addressing the needs of our clients. Our focus is on producing work which fits into the scope of our clientele’s vision. And our flexibility and various mediums of communication – whether face to face, email or by phone- allow us to accommodate their busy schedules. We take the time to analyse and create projects which meets the needs and requirements of our clients. We believe that this approach has enabled us to develop and sustain positive relationships in the long term. We constantly strive to deliver optimal results at reasonable costs.

[separator headline="h3" title="Why Choose Us?"] [list] [list_item icon="ok"] Reliable Partner[/list_item] [list_item icon="ok"] Speed[/list_item] [list_item icon="ok"] Quality [/list_item] [list_item icon="ok"] Experience And Expertise [/list_item] [/list]
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[iconbox icon="new" title="Web Development"]We utilise a varied range of programming languages, including PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML 5, Flash, AJAX and MySQL etcetera to create adept and visually pleasing websites.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon="mac" title="Web Design"]Our policy is to stay on top of the current trends and practices utilised in the Design field. Fieldhouse Studio believes in thinking outside out of the box, and creating an aesthetic which communicates a company’s brand and statement. We create websites which are attractive, clean and accessible for the user.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon="monitor" title="Web Technology"]At Fieldhouse Studio, we offer the convenience of updating and maintaining classy web applications for clients by streamlining (implementing) their business goals and strategies. We have the technical capabilities to support cross-platform compatibility.[/iconbox]
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[iconbox icon="podcast" title="Mobile Application"]We specialise in the latest trends, and are able to develop across varied platforms such as JAVA ME (J2ME), Net Compact Framework, Kony, Syclo, Flash Lite and Symbian Platform amongst others for the Blackberry, Android and iPhone. We focus on staying current and aware of the latest developments on the market.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon="search" title="SEO"]At Fieldhouse Studio, we work with our clients to increase their corporate visibility on the most prominent search engines, and in turn convert the traffic into concrete results.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon="preferences" title="Software Development"]We are experienced in taking an idea from the “embryonic” stage to a fully-formed design to suit the client’s concepts and desired outcome. Fieldhouse Studio is committed to delivering effective and useful software that minimizes troubleshooting and other issues at a cost benefit advantage to the client.[/iconbox]
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